We are coming soon to serve the food industry worldwide.

# We will help connect buyers and sellers online and offline.
We will use a proprietary technology to do the match-making.

# We will help promote sales via online and offline marketing.
We will fully take advantage of the internet and social media.

# We help publicize your products and or services through media outlets.
We will have our own PR outlets.

# We can help represent companies to sell or buy their products in the U.S. and China.
We will serve as brokers to help the small business owners to sell their products.

# We also help register your facilities to the U.S. FDA.
We will serve your U.S. agent to get your facility registered with U.S. FDA so that your foods can be sold to the U.S. market.

If you have products to sell, send all the info to us and let us help sell your products.
Listing your products in our proprietary product database is free of charge

Contact us: help@foodingredients.com


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